Lapel Pin Cuban American Flags 1″ with Clutch


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The Cuban American flag is a variant of the Cuban flag that incorporates elements representing the Cuban diaspora in the United States. It is often used as a symbol of pride and identity for people of Cuban descent living in the United States.

The Cuban American flag typically features the same design as the Cuban national flag, which consists of five blue and white alternating horizontal stripes, with a red equilateral triangle on the hoist side. Inside the red triangle, a white five-pointed star is placed.

However, there are some modifications to distinguish the Cuban American flag from the official Cuban flag. The modifications can include the addition of a blue or white star, representing the connection to the United States, or the incorporation of the words “Cuban American” or “Cuba Libre” (Free Cuba) within the design.

It’s important to note that the Cuban American flag is not an officially recognized flag by any government and is used primarily as a symbol within the Cuban American community.