Lapel Pin La Habana Province 1″ with Clutch


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The coat of arms of Havana Province, Cuba, features a shield with various symbols representing the history and features of the province.

At the top of the shield is a tower, which represents the fortifications of Havana, a significant historical feature of the province. Above the tower is a golden key, symbolizing the importance of Havana as a gateway and important port city.

In the center of the shield is a blue band, which represents the Almendares River, a prominent river in Havana Province. The band is surrounded by sugarcane plants, representing the agricultural significance of the province.

At the bottom of the shield is a golden ribbon with the inscription “Havana, Pearl of the Antilles” in Spanish, highlighting the cultural and historical importance of Havana and its designation as the “Pearl of the Antilles.”

Overall, the coat of arms of Havana Province showcases the history, natural resources, and cultural significance of the province, communicating its rich heritage and identity.