To Cook Is to Love: Nuevo Cuban: Lighter, Healthier Latin Recipes


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You’ll love your visit as she shares cooking tips and precious memories. Interwoven with her inspiring story of faith, persistence and commitment to family are 200 of Chef Johnny’s Nuevo Cuban recipes.

These healthier Latin dishes infuse gusto, soul, beauty and love into everyday meals. You won’t want to leave Mami Aida’s table until you’ve heard her entire story, and you’ll treasure this basic Latin cuisine resource for years to come.

”Wonderfully packaged and entertaining . . . not only an outstanding guide to the cuisine, but a homage to the culture itself–a book to be read and cherished by everyone.” –Oscar Hijuelos, author of The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love, Our House in the Last World, and many others

”Easy Cuban recipes inspired by the late, lamented Mucho Gusto Café.”–Boston Globe Magazine